Joan, Brillion, headaches and neck pain

Debra, Green Bay, past headache sufferer

Headaches can be so painful, especially when they’re chronic. I began getting chronic headaches that seemed to never subside. The pain continually got more intense, so after a month, I finally went to the doctor. Medications didn’t work, the MRI showed nothing, and the spinal tap I had came out negative. It was such a stressful time on top of the pain I was experiencing. Then came Haight Pain and it changed everything. After the first session, I felt such relief from the month of aches and pain I had gone through. I continued to work with Cheryl and Gil and I could not be more grateful for their support, their professionalism and the way they taught me to deal with the pain outside their doors. Now when headaches occur, I know how to approach it, how to make the pain subside and I have multiple strategies to use to make them disappear . I can even notice when a headache might be coming because of the way Cheryl and Gil taught me to read my body signals. Haight Pain is the best relief with amazing people!

~Kayla, Green Bay


I was referred to Cheryl and I’m so glad I decided to meet with her. I had been dealing with headaches my entire life and they were getting worse. I was getting migraines twice a month and usually had a screaming headache five times a week. Once I started seeing Cheryl things started to get better. I have not had a migraine in a few months now and I get maybe one headache a week and it is not even half as bad as it used to be. I highly recommend seeing Cheryl if you have issues with headaches. THANK YOU!!

~Cary, Green Bay


I want to thank you for the difference you’ve made in my life! Since I was referred to you by Randi Mann, who also is a blessing in my life, everything has been changed for me and all in a positive fashion. When we started I was thinking, “Really, like this is going to make a difference.” Probably because I was so used to getting chiropractic adjustments, this technique just didn’t seem to be a fit for me. Boy, was I wrong and thank goodness I was!

I no longer visit the chiropractor literally 2-4 times a week. I am active. I can enjoy my son, cut wood with my husband, read without pain, stand without pain, sit without pain and lie without pain... All of which were severely affecting my job capabilities, both mentally and physically.

On the days when things do build up you’ve taught me how to be in control of my life with breathing and easy exercises that put me right back where I need to be. The beauty is I am not dependent on you and you’ve taught me how not to be. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me!

~Rene, Green Bay


Being a very disciplined runner and active individual, I was so devastated as my chronic leg pain continued to get worse. Even sitting for long periods of time was becoming a challenge. Cheryl taught me that pain management is so much more than stretching or trying to massage away the pain. This very different, very effective physical therapy has given me back my ability to run, or sit and relax…Cheryl has helped me enjoy my daily routine with a clear head and NO pain on my mind.

~Kim, Appleton


After I was told by a number of different physicians that my neck pain was mild arthritis, I knew I had to look for an answer to eliminate the pain. The pain was NOT mild to me! After discussing my pain with friends, I was recommended to try Gil Haight. That was approximately 15 years ago. After four sessions, Gil was able to eliminate my pain. His technique works and was a lifesaver for me.

~Tom, Green Bay


For many years I had been getting headaches. Not migraines but those annoying headaches that are hard to get rid of and can really interfere with your day. I would take the typical ibuprofen or Tylenol, which would sometimes work and sometimes not work. Over the last couple of years, these headaches were getting more frequent and more intense. I would usually attribute it to stress, take more ibuprofen and just try to ignore them. At some point you begin to realize that these headaches are really interfering with your day but so many of my friends were also going through the same thing that, as a 40+ year old woman, you start to think it is just part of the natural cycle of things–just deal with it and move on. Finally, I was introduced to Randi Mann and she is probably the first person that told me there is something that can be done about those and that we don’t have to live with them. What a revelation! What an even bigger revelation that it could be taken care of through Physical Therapy, not more drugs. Within a few days I had an appointment set up with Cheryl at Current Physical Therapy.

Having been to Physical Therapy for other injuries, I was kind of skeptical that this would work. Especially considering that past experience with therapy usually had me leaving with a headache! In either case, I was at a breaking point and wanted to try something. The therapy I received from Cheryl was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It was gentle. So gentle, in fact, that I really couldn’t figure out how this was going to help. It didn’t take long for me to quit worrying. Cheryl was able to pretty quickly pin-point some potential sources of my headaches, which would involve some simple body awareness and having Cheryl work on the tightness surrounding my head and neck. Within only 2-3 weeks I absolutely had my headaches under control, and six months later I still do. Because of Cheryl’s educating philosophy, I am so aware of what is going on with the headaches that when I feel even the slightest one coming on, I quickly evaluate what my body is doing, adjust, and the pain goes away almost immediately. What a huge relief! I went from thinking I was just going to have to live with yet another annoyance of getting older and going through hormonal changes, to being completely free of that pain. I have not had to take drugs for a headache in months.

If I could help anyone with what I have learned, it would be to not give up. I had no clue there was someone like Cheryl out there and I wish I had found her sooner. You do not have to accept headaches as just another part of going through hormonal changes, or even stress. There are solutions for headaches that are surprisingly simple. I can’t thank Cheryl enough for all she has done for me and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

~Jennifer, De Pere


Gil came highly recommended and he certainly did not disappoint. He quickly diagnosed the source of my headaches and addressed them. He taught me how to eliminate the headaches on my own. This has truly been an amazing and eye-opening process!~Keith, Green Bay

I sell spinal fusion hardware for a living. I see people with chronic back pain on the operating table every day, and was truly afraid I’d be one of those poor folks in the near future. After only five treatments with Gil I felt great and have been relatively pain free since. Thanks for giving me my life back!~Shawn, Green Bay

As a chronic pain patient I have learned to live with daily pain. Cheryl’s approach to care has taught me how to live without it. The skills I’ve learned will last my lifetime and have provided me, and my family, great peace. I’ve had physical therapy in the past, but this approach restores wellness, a place no longer foreign to me. Many thanks.~Donna, Green Bay


For the past eight years, I had headaches every day and my muscles were sore and stiff. I was seeing a chiropractor twice a week, but it didn’t help long-term. I’ve been seeing Cheryl for four weeks and I feel like a new person. The headaches are gone and I have full movement back in my body. Cheryl taught me how to relax, breathe properly and let my body be in its natural state. Everything is working better together.~Marie, Denmark


I am a 51 year old woman who suffers from occasional shoulder, neck and lower back pain as well as sciatica. Sometimes the pain is severe.  I am a hairdresser of 24 years and I’m on my feet anywhere from 8-12 hours per day. I’ve also been riding horses for 46 years and have suffered some severe falls. After visits to traditional physical therapy sessions, massage therapists and chiropractors, I would feel good for about an hour and then the pain returned. I was left feeling that I had to keep going to therapy in order to feel good. My lifestyle requires me to be able to manage my own pain and be in charge of my body. Dependence on regular therapy sessions or medication was not an option. I asked my physician to refer me to someone who would actually help me manage my pain and that is when I met Gil Haight, and eventually Cheryl Conard Haight. Their technique is nothing short of miraculous. I have been in their office, lying on the floor in pain, waiting for an appointment and walked out a half hour later and the same day worked a 10 hour shift at the salon. The therapy with the Haights is gentle and non-invasive. Under their care I have developed an awareness and understanding of my body that allows me to manage and work through the majority of my pain on my own, but occasionally my body needs their guidance to correct itself. I am forever grateful to have found “teachers” who assist my mind and me to work through most issues independent of physical therapy. This is the freedom my personality and lifestyle demands. The Haights’ techniques are exceptional and unique with extraordinary results. Thank you Gil and Cheryl.

~Mary, Oconto


I have been dealing with chronic neck and back pain for many years. I had literally locked my muscles up from fear of moving the wrong way and causing pain. Cheryl has been able to relieve my pain by using simple movement to help my brain realize it does not hurt to move. She has also taught me to breathe correctly which helps me deal with stresses raather than hold them in and create more pain. I use simple exercises a few times a day that only take a few minutes. I have learned that these exercises help to keep my muscles loose and help me avoid pain. I have had great results with these changes. It feels wonderful to be able to do things I haven’t done for a long time and have more energy…without the pain I was so used to.

~Cheryl, Brillion