Cheryl Conard Haight - Physical Therapist
Cheryl Conard Haight

A native of the Green Bay/De Pere area, Cheryl graduated from Marquette University’s Program in Physical Therapy in 1981. She lived in various areas of the country, including Virginia, St. Louis and Chicago, working in diverse clinical settings and treating a variety of patient populations from pediatrics to geriatrics, cardiovascular and pulmonary rehab, and  neurological and orthopedic impairments  before deciding to specialize in pain relief over fifteen years ago. Since then Cheryl has taken numerous continuing education courses, including The Silver Series at the Ursa Foundation in Edmonds, WA, focused on manual therapy for acute and chronic pain issues. A lifelong learner and self-proclaimed “reading nerd,” Cheryl continues to discover more and more about the nervous system and its remarkable ability to decrease pain.



Gil Haight - Physical TherapistGil Haight

Gil graduated from the Mayo Clinic  in 1978 and has seen tremendous change in the field of physical therapy. At the time of his graduation from PT school, total hips and total knees were new and exciting, and the physical therapy profession was focused mainly on orthopedics. Today, the newest research and most forward-thinking minds have shown us the remarkable role of the nervous system and its state on pain issues. Gil has lectured and given courses on how the right kind of movement affects our state, our nervous system– and our pain levels– for many years. His goal is to continue to educate people on their body’s own efficient pain-relieving system– allowing instinctive movement.


“This very different, very effective physical therapy has given me back my ability to run… or sit and relax. Cheryl has helped me enjoy my daily routine with a clear head and NO pain on my mind.” 

Kim, Appleton


“Gil taught me how to eliminate the headaches on my own. This has truly been an amazing and eye-opening experience.”

Keith, Green Bay